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Secure Video Evidence Storage and Management


VideoManager Plus




VideoManager Plus securely stores and manages video evidence from body-worn cameras, video surveillance cameras, CCTV, interrogations, etc.


Secure, Video Evidence Storage & Management

There are many challenges with collecting, securely storing, and analyzing video data and video evidence. DataWorks Plus' VideoManager Plus was created to provide a solution for all of these challenges. Store your video evidence data securely on-site at your agency, off-site, or in the cloud. Unauthorized individuals will never have access to your data since VideoManager Plus gives you the ability to decide who can view videos or print from the system. In addition, the original video evidence is protected from being altered to make sure it is safe from any court room challenges.



VideoManager Plus Features

DataWorks Plus has built features into VideoManager Plus that not only help you store your videos, but also manage them and their associated cases.


Integration & Playback

VideoManager Plus will work with multiple devices, such as surveillance cameras and body cameras. This will allow you to choose the hardware that works best for your agency instead of being tied to a specific hardware vendor. VideoManager Plus' video interface includes:

  • a playback time line,
  • easy navigation between videos in the case,
  • playback and view controls,
  • video sync between multiple videos,
  • frame number reference and numeric time codes,
  • video frame capture, and
  • advanced frame-by-frame viewing with options for skipping a custom number of frames with each click.

VideoManager Plus supports most popular file types, such as Microsoft Office files, PDF, and most image and video file formats as long as the codec is supported on your computer. If there is a file that is not supported, VideoManager Plus will give you the option to seamlessly open the file in its associated program.


Robust Searching

Find specific videos by file ID, device ID, recording officer, recording date and time, case number, incident type, or address.


Digital Asset Analytics

VideoManager Plus also provides an analytic panel, which includes useful information for helping to analyze file originality and authenticity. The analytics panel includes General Metadata, video and audio metadata, GPS Global Positioning Location Data, file creation date and time, device owner, device name, device type, device language, video height and width, video and audio codec, video or file format, video length, aspect ratio, frame rate, resolution, duration, bit rate, file size, and more.



VideoManager Plus Examples (Click on image to view):

Multiple videos can be displayed at one time with synchronized playback. This feature is helpful for comparitive analysis and viewing from different video angles or locations.You can telestrate (draw) over a video in real-time to highlight certain areas of a video and help to create a case presentation. VideoManager Plus includes several drawing modes including freehand and symbols with multiple color options, stroke types, and fill types.