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SAF-ID TXMID (Texas Mobile Identification)

TXMID includes mobile hardware and software to capture and submit fingerprints to the Texas Department of Public Safety for biometric identification of a suspect. Thousands of mobile devices can have a single point of connection to the Texas Department of Safety System for positive identification. If the fingerprint is matched, then the following will be returned:

  • criminal history information
  • outstanding wants and warrants
  • FBI's RISC data and images (Repository of Individuals of Special Concern)

Unlike other vendors, DataWorks Plus has created a system that allows you to select from multiple mobile fingerprint devices. TXMID was designed to support fingerprint scanner hardware from various hardware manufacturers. This allows DataWorks Plus to take an independent, open, and objective approach when recommending the fingerprint scanners to meet the specific needs of your agency. In addition, your agency may choose to use several different mobile devices instead of just choosing one type. This allows your agency to select specific devices to be used by highway patrol and other devices to be used for mobile court room identification. TXMID gives your agency the ability to have user friendly, secure, and fast mobile identification software along with the choice to select the best hardware available without being tied to a specific hardware vendor.


TXMID Positive Identification Applications

SAF-ID TXMID can be used in a variety of mobile positive identification applications. The most common use is by patrol officers during roadside stops. Officers can capture a suspect's fingerprint and retrieve a response in as little as 30 seconds. The response will include criminal history information as well as warrants. This information can prove valuable to the officers' safety since they will be able to know who they are dealing with without having to rely on fasified IDs or false aliases. Many of the mobile devices can be set up to use tones or color LED's on the device to alert the officer if there is a match without the officer even having to review the transaction.

Other uses for mobile identification include:

  • Mobile court room identification checks
  • Prior to serving a warrant
  • Medical Examiner's Office
  • Crime scene investigation victim identification

TXMID Device Manager Server

The TXMID Device Manager Server provides guaranteed delivery of each fingerprint search transaction, even if a temporary network outage occurs. All agencies using TXMID will have secure access to allow their agency's administrators to review their agency's transactions. Activity tracking and monitoring of your agency's TXMID use can be done via a Web Browser Transaction Monitor. Administrators will be able to see the results of each fingerprint transaction. They will also have the ability to review the submitted fingerprints to ensure their staff is capturing fingerprints correctly.


TXMID can be configured to provide automated weekly status reports. In addition, the Device Manager Server can also be used to perform statistical reporting to track the success of your local and state searches in order to further justify the system purchase. The system also allows the option to allow users to review their transactions and provide more details about the positive identification success. This has been useful for some of our customers to see exactly how the system is being used and has provided a lot of positive press releases for agencies using the system.


TXMID Workflow

TXMID uses a central server approach. Agencies can purchase mobile devices that will be registered to their agency. Fingerprints captured with the mobile devices will be submitted to the central server. The submission will automatically be emailed to the TX DPS State AFIS and also to RISC. The results from the AFIS and RISC will be sent back separately to the central server and then back to the device.

TXMID Workflow