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Tattoo Recognition
Module for Digital PhotoManager


Tattoo Plus tattoo recognition performs a search against a selected image, then locates any similar tattoos that are currently in the system. This feature is similar to facial recognition, except that it looks for patterns that match in a tattoo. Agencies are currently using Tattoo Plus to identify individuals that have previously been arrested as well as determine if a particular tattoo may be connected to a gang.


Once you upload a probe tattoo image, you can enter a description for the search, which allows you to easily retrieve the session at a later time. The probe image will be displayed next to the results so you can quickly compare them. You can zoom in on the retrieved images to verify if an image is a match to the one you submitted. You can select to mark any of the images as matches or mark them for later review. The module also enables you to view any record information associated with the tattoo image as well as any additional linked images, such as other tattoos or mugshot images.


Screen Examples (Click on image to view):

Tattoo Plus will display all images that are above the minimum match score for review. Multiple search algorithms/engines may be searched simultaneously. Users can compare images side-by-side for easier viewing or to clarify certain details. Tattoo search sessions may be created and returned to at a later date. Users may view all probes and gallery images for that session.