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A web-based records management system designed for law enforcement agencies

ASPEN-RMS was designed for law enforcement and enhanced with the help of end‐users to provide a true Law Enforcement Record’s Management System. DataWorks Plus’ ASPEN-RMS is a fully customizable web based records management system that can provide data from disparate systems in one location. These data systems may originate within a single agency or from multiple agencies. Unlike many Record Management Systems that must be installed on a workstation to function, ASPEN-RMS is completely web based. This allows the system to be accessed by authorized users from any workstation tied into your agency’s network that uses a standard web browser including mobile devices. ASPEN-RMS can serve as a full data repository allowing multiple systems’ data to be entered, searched, retrieved, and linked together logically in user friendly interface.



ASPEN-RMS is a scalable solution that supports thousands of users in a single deployment. The communication from data points to the work clients is through an Internet Explorer web connection, and only requires bandwidth for the display of the application and the upload or download of any attached documents. By using a multi-tier application approach with load balancing, managing the application requests can be accomplished with maximum performance while lowering the transactional load on the system. In addition, DataWorks Plus can implement a server configuration that allows for online data backups with little or no impact to end-user performance. ASPEN-RMS provides secure sharing of information in your own agency or among multiple agencies. The RMS serves as a hub of information and can interface with other third party applications that would otherwise be considered disparate. DataWorks Plus is able to provide complete integration between the RMS and other systems your agency relies on. These interfaces will allow your agency to have a single point of entry and greatly reduce or eliminate any redundant entry.


ASPEN-RMS can interface with numerous systems including, but not limited to:

  • CAD Systems: Incidents can be traced from the initial Call For Service from CAD to the RMS. Closed call information can also be able to be received by the RMS.
  • State/Federal Interface: Officers can have access to a State’s Sex Offender database and NCIC information and can include the necessary NCIC/State interactive services.
  • Jail Management System (JMS): Name information in an IMS or JMS can be queried in the RMS and vice versa to help with the management of a detention facility.
  • Live Scan: Mugshots and fingerprints from a live scan system can be received and linked to the RMS record.
  • District Attorney (DA) Interface: Arrestee information in the RMS can be sent to outside agencies, such as a DA. Final case disposition from a DA can also be retrieved by the RMS. Authorized DA personnel can be given access to view necessary information in the RMS.
  • Property / Evidence: Can search for property and evidence data. Transfer disposition information in the RMS can be made available among all systems tied into it.
  • Investigations: Crime scene data can be interfaced with RMS data for better crime analysis.
  • Civil Processing: Civil Process records related to an individual can be queried.

Customizable User Interface

ASPEN-RMS includes customizable screens and can handle more than 3,500 user-defined searchable fields. It is a user-friendly web based system where all related objects are linked and associated with each other both in the data structure and in the application. Data entry is available from desktop workstations or from mobile devices. By using a configurable field validation protocol, each field within the system can be checked to meet a certain required format when data is entered. This ensures that all required data fields are properly filled in and in a uniform manner.


When used in a multiple agency environment, each agency can have their own databases and information as well as have access to the integrated data available from other without the need for additional interfaces. All data is presented in an easy-to-read unified display.


Reporting Tools

Reports can be made to match your agency’s standard layouts, which will ensure that all needed data is included on each report created. In addition, ASPEN-RMS includes an ad-hoc report writer to allow users to build reports as needed. Reporting is managed through MS SQL Server Reporting Services and allows for deployment of new standardized as well as custom reports even after installation.



ASPEN-RMS is equipped with a powerful set of administrative functions, such as audit logs that are readily available to ensure you know who has used the system as well as what has been viewed or edited. If needed, administrators can identify users currently logged in and immediately remove any sessions from the application. User logins require password authentication to prevent unauthorized access to data. Since ASPEN-RMS can pull data from multiple agencies systems, the data will always remain the property of the originating agency, and each agency will maintain full control over what data is viewable within the system. Administrators are also given strict control over what types of data can be viewed by each user and these user rights can be changed if needed at any time. DataWorks Plus has labored hard to design a system where all data is kept safe from unauthorized viewing, regardless of the agency it originated from.


Screen Examples (Click on image to view):

If there are associated records, ASPEN RMS will display associated items and then link to those records. For instance, when viewing an incident, there may be suspects associated with the incident. If you click on a suspect, their record will be displayed. Associations may also be available for weapons, vehicles, people, officers, locations, etc.The system displays all data for an individual. Images and their main information will be displayed at the top of the screen. Fingerprint codes, aliases, nicknames, addresses, known associates, linked incidents, and other data can also be made available. Users can navigate to the source records by clicking the link displayed. Backtracking is made easy by using a “breadcrumb” history list that displays every page that the user has viewed during the current session in the order visited. The user can simply click on a breadcrumb link to instantly return to that data screen.ASPEN-RMS can be configured to display information such as complaints, citations, incidents, hotlist data, and person data (such as booking records, etc). ASPEN-RMS is easy to navigate using tabbed screens and a simple to understand interface.. The system can be configured to also display recently modified, closed, items needing follow up, or even items assigned to the user logged into the system. Any information from the complaint, incident, etc can be displayed for the user.