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Florida RAPID-ID

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Florida RAPID-ID

Rapid and reliable identification. Anywhere, anytime.


Currently, there are more than 3,800 RAPID-ID devices from DataWorks Plus being used in Florida. Each agency that participates in the Florida RAPID-ID has their own RAPID-ID transaction controller which accepts submissions from the mobile devices. The transaction controller then submits the fingerprints directly to the State AFIS. All fingerprint search results are then returned to the mobile device. If there is a match, then the criminal history will be available. Florida's RAPID-ID also submits directly to RISC and the results are returned to the RAPID-ID clients and devices.



Screen Examples (Click on image to view):

SAF-ID / RAPID-ID can be used on portable devices, such as the Motorola MC75 or Cogent BlueCheck. Multiple fingerprints can be captured by the mobile devices and submitted to a central fingerprint database. If there is a match, then the mugshot and criminal history can be displayed.The online transaction monitor can display customized results from multiple fingerprint devices. Information such as the type of device, whether or not a match occured, who submitted the search, and the agency that the match occured against can be displayed. This information can be filtered and searched.The online transaction monitor and the thick client can be used to view records matching fingerprint submissions. This can be used to review records that were matched in mobile applications. It is also used in facilities such as jails for identity verification at intake and release.Fingerprints that are submitted, as well as the fingerprints from matching records can be viewed. This has proven to be helpful to ensure that the quality of the submitted fingerprints was high enough to match against existing records.