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Criminal / Applicant Hand Scanning & Integrated Booking Solution


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Capture, store, and retrieve all primary biometrics including fingerprints and palm prints


Flexible Design and Configuration

LiveScan Plus application is fully customizable and is compatible with many of the major live scan vendors’ fingerprinting hardware. This allows DataWorks Plus to take an independent and objective approach when recommending the best livescan scanner to meet an agency’s needs. The system integrates all elements of booking, allowing a user to enter demographic data, and electronically capture all primary biometrics including fingerprints, palm prints, mugshots, SMT data and images, and signatures into a single easy-to-use interface.


Every demographic data field within LiveScan Plus is customizable and can be configured and arranged on the screen to match the layout of your existing agency documents and comply with state and agency policies. The LiveScan Plus Administration Module allows your administrators to make changes to the data fields and system setup at any time, even after installation is complete. LDAP integration through systems such as Microsoft Active Directory is possible as well. The system’s group-based security will allow administrators to specifically set user access rights for any or all product functions as needed. User activity reports can also be generated for auditing purposes.


Since LiveScan Plus is not bound to a specific type of hardware, your agency will have a high level of freedom in how your system is configured. Our engineers have a firm understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of all major fingerprint scanners and they will work with your agency to recommend the best possible hardware for the job.


Easy-to-Follow Workflow and Quality Assurance

LiveScan Plus sets a new standard for ease of operation and graphical presentation. It clearly instructs the users where they are in the fingerprint capture process, what has been successfully completed, and what should be done next. The color-coded graphical interface provides immediate feedback to users if any prints do not meet quality standards or are out of sequence. Customizable field validation ensures that all required fields are completed accurately prior to submission. These features, as well as slap-to-roll comparisons, will minimize errors while increasing booking productivity and greatly reducing the number of rejections upon your agency’s submission to state AFIS.


Unique System Enhancement and Expanded Functionality

With a live scan system, fingerprint capture is only the beginning. DataWorks Plus has progressively worked with leading law enforcement agencies, partner vendors, and manufacturers to maximize the integration capabilities of law enforcement technology. Every agency is different in its scope, layout and functionality needs, often requiring specialized systems from several vendors. LiveScan Plus allows for seamless integration with third party data systems and easy future expansion of the system into advanced biometric identification and investigative tools. Agencies can select the specific products they need in a modular fashion, granting all of the necessary functionality at the lowest possible cost. Agencies benefit from a synergistic effect by having all of these system types seamlessly integrated together.


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NIST Manager Plus: DataWorks Plus NIST Manager Plus is an archiving system that electronically stores, forwards, retrieves and prints tenprint cards and all associated data. NIST Manager Plus seamlessly interfaces with your live scan and booking systems.


Digital PhotoManager: By using our LiveScan Plus application with our Digital PhotoManager capture module, all steps of booking data entry, mugshot capture, fingerprint capture, and record submission are combined into a single unified interface. This can provide users a more efficient workflow without the need to launch separate applications or switch locations during the booking process. Once all booking data has been obtained, the data is automatically saved to all relevant databases which can include a state AFIS, a regional data repository, or your agency’s own record management systems through DataWorks Plus’ interfacing services.


SAF-ID/RAPID-ID and FACE Plus By using our RAPID-ID and facial recognition systems with our LiveScan Plus and Digital PhotoManager systems, all fingerprinting and facial biometric enrollment can be configured as an ongoing process during routine bookings. This ensures that the target biometric matching databases are always kept up-to-date with the latest available fingerprint and facial records to maximize the effectiveness of matching queries from FACE Plus and RAPID-ID. The Evolution multimodal device collection includes DataWorks Plus’ branded mobile fingerprint scanners that can be used in the field.


LiveScan Plus features a Live Image Preview, which displays the print as it is being captured. This workflow status shows which of the fingerprints have been captured and if there are any errors or quality warnings. Captured prints are color-coded to indicate quality or annotations. LiveScan Plus seamlessly integrates the mugshot capture process with the fingerprint capture process. Mugshots, scars, marks, tattoos, and signatures can all be added to the record. The Review Panel will be displayed once all the fingerprints have been captured. The Review Panel will be displayed once all the fingerprints have been captured.