LiveScan Plus

LiveScan Criminal / Applicant Hand Scanning
& Integrated Booking Solution

Capture, store, and retrieve all primary biometrics including fingerprints, palm prints, mugshots, SMTs, and irises.

Open, Objective Approach

Supports multiple vendors’ FBI-certified live scan hardware - Choose the hardware that best meets the needs of your agency

Custom-designed fields

Automatic data transfer from RMS or JMS

Optionally read data from magnetic strips on cards, such as driver’s licenses

Includes our Global Transaction Manager (GTM) software that allows the live scan to electronically store up to 45,000 fingerprint records

Real-time feedback

Slaps, rolls, & writer’s palm prints

Quality metrics ensure that you always have the perfect print

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DataWorks Plus LiveScan Screen Shot DataWorks Plus LiveScan Screen Shot
    Software Options:
  • LiveScan Plus - Applicant live scan and basic live scan functionality. Lowest cost option.
  • LiveScan Ultra - Full functioning live scan system with all features and options included.
  • LiveScan Web - Web based client for LiveScan. Logon from any internet connected PC and begin searching or scanning.

LiveScan Cabinets

DataWorks Plus LiveScan System

DataWorks Plus LiveScan Standard Cabinet DataWorks Plus LiveScan Electric Cabinet

The LiveScan cabinets are available in Standard fixed-height and electric Height-Adjustable versions.

The Standard Cabinet is ruggedized for extreme working conditions, such as those in jails and prisons. The cabinet has caster wheels for portability and a hide-away keyboard tray for quick access. The cabinet includes locking doors in the base to secure from the front and back sides. Total dimensions are 31"w x 69"h x 28.5"d. Total weight is 185 lbs. A light strip and mugshot camera can also be mounted to an extended monitor post for additional features.

The Height-Adjustable Cabinet has a deck height of 36" at its lowest setting and 48" at its highest setting. The height of the keyboard, monitor, and scanner surface can be quickly adjusted with a motorized switch to easily accomodate different users. The total dimensions are 32"w x 72.5"h (at max height) x 30"d. The total height can be reduced to 60.5" to move through doorways and low ceiling areas. The height-adjustable cabinet also inlcudes caster wheels for portability, a slide out (hide-away) keyboard tray, and has an optional monitor post extension to add on a light strip and camera.

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    Portable / Mobile Scanning Options:
  • Evolution 3 - Handheld mobile device for fast identification in the field using fingerprints, irises, or facial recognition.
  • Evolution 5150 - Portable tablet based device with a tenprint scanner for capturing fingerprints, facial images, irises, and other information for identification or pre-booking.
  • Deadscan - Small, lightweight, mobile fingerprint scanner for capturing prints from deceased persons in the field or in medical examiner's offices.

LiveScan Plus

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