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Accurate, easy-to-use
identification with advanced iris recognition technology


Iris Plus is a cost effective solution that uses infrared iris scanners to capture high-resolution images of the iris. Iris recognition systems are quickly emerging as a highly accurate and reliable tool for biometric identification. Capture technology has become more sophisticated and cost effective and capabilities will continue to evolve making iris recognition the future of biometric identification.

Making an iris scan is as quick and easy as taking a picture. The iris capture process can be seamlessly integrated with your workflow and it takes less time to capture than fingerprints. Iris images are securely stored within the booking record, along with mugshots or fingerprints. The iris images can then be used for investigations, watch lists, identification at booking, and verification at release. The application could even be used for inmate tracking and headcounts.


Iris Plus will continue to evolve as new technology is created. You will have flexibility when selecting an iris capture device to best fit your agency's workflow and budget.

Screen & Device Examples (Click on image to view):

Iris ID screen image.Iris Capture ScreenIris ID device