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Location & headcount management using biometrics or armbands


The DataWorks Plus Inmate Tracking system is a fully integrated tracking system with unlimited tracking locations so that you can know the location of an inmate at any given time. It offers instant inmate identification, streamlines headcounts, and can interface to other jail, criminal history, and RMS systems. Your system can be customized and also integrated with booking, JMS or other existing systems to eliminate duplicate data entry. Inmate Tracking increases staff and inmate security by enabling you to know an inmate's location instantly.

The Inmate Tracking System will track the location, inmate number, date, in/out, reason code, and location of each inmate within a facility. Records can be tagged with special information or warnings such as separate and apart, medical information, and high risk to help staff manage inmates safely and efficiently. Inmate Tracking includes a management console that displays the location of inmates in real time along with any associated images and data. Tracking history can be viewed and searched to see who was moved where and when. Customized reports can also be created for use in the system for onscreen viewing or printing. Statistics on inmate movement and population can also be viewed and printed, which is helpful when requesting funding that is dependent upon accurate headcounts.

Inmate Tracking StationBiometric Inmate Tracking

The DataWorks Plus Inmate Tracking system is also compatible with biometric scanners, such as single-finger, dual-finger, or ten-print scanners. This option streamlines headcounts while reducing the possibility of misidentification. Biometric scanning is becoming the preferred method to track inmates since it ensures that the person is correctly identified and does not depend on the inmate wearing the right wristband or ID card. This ensures that inmates will not be mistakenly transported, stored with inmates with whom they have conflict, given medicine belonging to another inmate, or released mistakenly.

All pertinent data concerning individual inmates can be associated with their fingerprints in the same manner that data is associated with barcodes on wristbands in other configurations of the Inmate Tracking System. At booking, an inmate’s fingerprints are captured and stored with their records. Fingerprint scanners can then be used to scan inmates’ fingerprints at various locations throughout your facility. Your agency can also employ handheld wireless fingerprint scanners for real-time movement and status tracking of your inmate population.

Inmate Tracking with Wristbands

Inmate Tracking with BandWorks tracks inmates using customizable wristbands with barcodes. Wireless or wired scanners can be used throughout a facility to track location and movement of all inmates. DataWorks Plus may also be able to configure Inmate Tracking to work with your existing wristband system to track and monitor the location of inmates. When integrated with Digital PhotoManager, you will have the option to automatically print the wristband at booking using the data and images entered into the booking system.

DataWorks Plus' Inmate Tracking Manager with BandWorks has the following features and options:

  • Customized color-coded wristbands for medical risk, high risk, trustee, and more as defined by your agency
  • Wireless or wired handheld barcode scanners
  • Handheld or mounted terminals for use with the barcode scanners
  • Emergency headcount reports with missing report allows staff to scan every inmate's armband and report on the missing person(s)
  • “Keep Separate and Apart” ensures persons selected are not housed in the same cell or transported together to other locations
  • Classifications limit movement of specific inmates to certain locations (“High Risk,” “Medical Risk,” etc.)
  • Optional fingerprint matching and facial recognition for verification of inmate identity
  • Search and report of tracking fields


Screen Examples (Click on image to view):

Inmate Tracking using a Motorola MC9090-G handheld computer. Biometric Inmate Tracking Workstation ScreenMobile version of Inmate Tracking  - Record ViewMobile Inmate Tracking - A history of recent transactions can be viewed. Each record can be selected to view the details of the transaction.