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Rapid Identification

DataWorks Plus' Rapid ID is an extremely fast and accurate solution that uses advanced fingerprint matching techniques to provide positive identification of an individual. Rapid ID allows an officer to scan a person’s finger on any FBI-approved fingerprint scanner and search a database for a positive match. Rapid ID searches RISC, state, and local AFIS using a variety of fingerprint capture solutions. Search results can also include NCIC, state arrest history, mugshots (when on file), and wants/warrants, etc.

Rapid ID is a unique solution, because our software supports fingerprint scanning hardware from numerous hardware manufacturers. Each scanner seamlessly integrates with the DataWorks Plus Rapid ID client. As we have the ability to test and evaluate all of these different devices, we inherently learn which devices perform the best and for the best value. With DataWorks Plus, your agency will have total flexibility when selecting the best fingerprint scanner for a wide variety of applications (i.e. one size does not fit all). Your agency won’t be tied to a specific hardware vendor.

Mobile Applications

Rapid ID is mobile, so you can take it anywhere that positive identification is needed. Fingerprints can be scanned with any FBI-approved fingerprint scanner. Images and results can be transmitted either wirelessly or between a wired USB device and computer. You can view the results on your Blackberry smart phone, MDT, or any computer. All-in-one devices scan fingerprints and display results.

Some examples of how Rapid ID is already being used:

  • Positive ID at traffic stops
  • Positive ID in the court room
  • Positive ID at booking and release
  • Positive ID prior to serving a warrant
  • Positive ID in the field
  • Sexual offender registration
  • Watch-list of high priority suspects
  • Positive ID of victim at a crime scene
  • Medical examiner's office, medical history

Statewide Solutions

We have provided Rapid ID to hundreds of agencies across the nation, including statewide access systems within the states of California, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.

Rapid ID in use at CCBI (NC)

DataWorks Plus has worked with Wake County CCBI to install and train their officers on how to use Rapid ID. Rapid ID has helped CCBI to correctly and quickly identify individuals at car crashes, routine traffic stops, and at arrests. CCBI uses wireless, handheld Rapid ID devices so they can identify individuals in the field. The fingerprints are captured and sent to CCBI's arrest fingerprint database and the results are returned within seconds providing the officer with a photograph and information on the individual. The Rapid ID system at CCBI has improved officer safety and productivity through technology.

Integrated Functionality

Rapid ID seamlessly integrates with the following DataWorks Plus products:

  • LiveScan: By combining Rapid ID with LiveScan Plus, you can use the identification functionality of Rapid ID from any live scan workstation. Rapid ID will be able to see if an individual has previously been booked into the system. This has proven especially useful in jail environments for inmate booking, transport, and release by speeding up the process and eliminating redundant data entry.
  • Global Transaction Manager: By combining Rapid ID with GTM, all fingerprint data enrolled into your Rapid ID database will be sent to your NIST archive as well. Additionally, all fingerprint records from your NIST archive will automatically be contributed to your Rapid ID database for more in-depth fingerprint searches and up-to-date results with Rapid ID.
  • Image System: Rapid ID will enhance your booking process when combined with DataWorks Plus' PhotoManager Image System. During inmate booking, transport, and release, Rapid ID can verify an individual's identity and find if any previous bookings of the individual are recorded within the system. This increases the speed of booking and eliminates redundant data entry.

Rapid ID can also interface with your agency's current live scan devices, existing NIST archives or AFIS. DataWorks Plus will help determine the most efficient and cost effective methods to interface your systems' hardware and software together. This protects your investments and maximizes the overall value of Rapid ID to your agency.

Rapid ID

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