NIST Global Transaction Manager

Fingerprint Archive & Management

Electronically store, forward, retrieve, and print ten-print cards and all associated data.

Secure Electronic Fingerprint Archive

Global Transaction Manager (GTM) electronically stores, forwards, retrieves and prints ten-print cards and all associated data. DataWorks Plus GTM seamlessly interfaces with your live scan systems – whether for booking or applicant/background checking applications. As records are created through your live scan, an electronic copy is automatically created within the NIST archive. GTM allows your agency to keep a copy of each fingerprint record created by your live scan in a secure electronic format that is fully compliant with State and Federal standards and requirements. Your agency will never need to file a fingerprint card again. Using this electronic fingerprint storage will generally show an agency’s return on investment in less than one year based solely on eliminated printing costs.

  • 24/7 access from any networked PC
  • Web-Based Enrollment
  • Centralized web-based user administration
  • Store and Forward to State or Local AFIS – single point connection to a state AFIS
  • Customized activity reports accessed through a web page
  • Perform 1:1 and 1:N searches
  • Side-by-Side fingerprint comparison
  • Search on any field
  • Advanced security features
  • Print single or dual-sided ten-print cards to FBI-certified printer
  • Fully compliant with state and federal standards and requirements
Store and Forward Capabilities

Store and forward to state or local AFIS. The traditional live scan configuration is able to provide the electronic capture of demographic data, fingerprints, palm prints and electronic submission to a state AFIS. However, if a limited number of bookings can be stored on the live scan, the user is forced to print and then manually file each ten-print card. Also, a ten-print card can only hold a limited amount of fingerprint and demographic information. By using the Global Transaction Manager electronic archive, you can store all data captured by your live scan with each record. Even digital mugshots and images can be stored directly with the NIST records. Additional documents and files associated with an individual can also be securely stored in the database.


AFIS Workflow Engine: DataWorks Plus can customize your workflows so that as people are booked into your jails, ten-print searches can be launched for local identification, prior to state or larger AFIS systems submissions. This can significantly reduce processing times in the jail and help to further benefit your agency by reducing mis-identifications. The system will offer to your ID staff any matches that are made within seconds of the person's live scan record being submitted into the system. ID staff can then confirm the identity and our workflow manager takes over from there.

Record Retrieval, Viewing, and Editing: With DataWorks Plus GTM, you can search by any combination of data fields within the system. Users can view any record's data, ten-print image array, slap prints, palm prints, or individual rolled fingerprints. You can also view a record's mugshots and images or do side-by-side fingerprint comparison. Images can be magnified, cropped, or printed for easy viewing.

DataWorks Plus LS System

DataWorks Plus LS System

Web Enabled Data Sharing: DataWorks Plus' Global Transaction Manager includes unlimited web client access to allow any PC on your agency’s network with standard internet browsers to access NIST records and view transactions. Security features ensure that only authorized users are granted access and all user activity is logged in detail for administrators to review.

Customization and Security: All data fields within the GTM software are customizable to match your agency’s requirements. Each database can have its own security settings, users, groups, and restricted access rules.

Electronic Storage: Global Transaction Manager stores record data and images in both the primary NIST record database that contains records created at live scan booking, and in any additional databases that have been interfaced with the system. Records are stored in the FBI-approved WSQ format.

Print Capabilities: GTM can easily print any data or images associated with your NIST records to a standard printer. You can also print standard agency, state, and FBI certified fingerprint cards if needed for special reasons.

DataWorks Plus LS System

NIST Global Transaction Manager

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