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Reliable candidates through facial recognition technology


DataWorks Plus' FACE Plus uses the latest facial recognition technology to provide accurate, reliable facial candidates with advanced comparison, editing, and morphological analysis tools for investigations. The system can be added as a module to our Digital PhotoManager or SAF-ID solutions and can also include facial recognition case management. With FACE Plus, you will be able to conduct one-to-one or one-to-many searches against any size database, then display photos and data when potential candidates are found.


Benefits of FACE Plus

FACE Plus is a versatile tool with numerous applications and benefits, such as:

  • Web-based Case Management Module - Track and store multiple search scenarios
  • Algorithm-Agnostic - Integrates with major facial recognition engines
  • Supports multiple algorithms
  • Video and photo input
  • Image editing tools, including pose correction
  • Check images at intake, release, and transport for inmate identity verification in jail environments. Existing data can be instantly filled into the demographic data fields to speed up the booking process when a potential match is found.
  • Checking images against your watchlist database for wanted individuals.
  • FACE Plus Mobile App - search and view potential candidates on smart phone
  • Search for potential candidates from video surveillance footage.

Whether you have a database of thousands or millions of images, FACE Plus is scalable so that results can be obtained within seconds. As your agency changes over time in size or structure, the system can be customized to meet the configuration of your agency to protect your investments. DataWorks Plus will work with your agency to maximize the efficiency and productivity of FACE Plus.



Facial Recognition Case Management Module

The Case Management module enables your agency to easily save and manage facial recognition searches with the following features:

  • build case management sessions with multiple probe images,
  • search for facial recognition results using multiple facial recognition engines,
  • add images from photos or video (integrated video viewer),
  • enhance your probe images using features such as pose correction and 3D modeling,
  • narrow your searches using data filters,
  • view probe and result images side-by-side,
  • perform facial morphological comparisons bases on FISWG's "Guidelines for Facial Comparison Methods"
  • include annotations and measurements of similarities between images for court and more accurate comparisons, and
  • create reports based on your facial recognition searches.
Search Results

Facial recognition searches will be stored in sessions, which can contain multiple probe images used to perform searches. Facial recognition search results (gallery images) will be displayed next to the corresponding probe image for easy comparison. Images can be viewed as thumbnails or as larger images and scrolled through for quick review. You can also view any data or additional images associated with the gallery images. Individual gallery images can be marked for further review and placed in a separate list for quick viewing. You can also select to only view images that were a common result of searches performed among multiple probe images.


If there is a possible match, you can choose to view all linked images for a particular gallery image. This will display all linked images for that individual that are currently in your agency's database. This may provide you with images that are easier to match against your probe image.


Case Management keeps you from having to recreate the facial recognition search if you would like updated results. Users can choose to update the gallery images in a saved session by running an updated facial recognition search against the probe images in the case. This will quickly allow your staff to see if there are new potential matches that have been added to the database since the last time the search was performed.


Image Editing

Case Management allows you to edit probe images to perform a more effective facial recognition search. Case Management provides manual or automatic pose correction as well as additional image editing options. Pose correction will attempt to reconstruct the part of the facial image that is missing and can provide 2D and 3D models. Additional image editing options include features such as: light normalization, rotate, flip horizontal/vertical, crop, brightness, auto correct contrast and brightness, and marking exact eye locations (and other facial features) for more accurate facial recognition.


Facial Comparison

Case management provides tools for easy comparison of the probe images to possible matches from the gallery images. Images can be viewed side-by-side with the probe image to see if they are a possible match. Case Management allows for more than just side-by-side comparison though. You can overlay the probe and a gallery image using composite to fade in between each image and see if the faces are a match to each other. Curtaining or aligning the images will allow you to split the images vertically or horizontally and view them matched next to each other. You can even create a 3D facial composite of the images for further comparison.

Case Management Comparison Options


Another option for facial comparison between the probe and gallery images is Chart Compare. Chart compare allows you to measure the distance between specific facial features to see if they are the same between the probe and selected gallery image. A report can be printed from this comparison that can include additional annotations.



Screen Examples (Click on image to view):

FACE Plus facial recognition resultsCase Management Session Screen: All results for the selected probe image are shown to the right of the image. The images that have match scores above the minimu threshold are displayed at the top. These results are from mulitple probe images.Case Management: Images marked for review can be easily retrieved by using a drop down menu from the Combined Results displayed near the top of the screen.

Case Management: Select a video frame to use as a probe image without the need for any additional video editing/viewing softwareCase Management: Pose correction will attempt to reconstruct the part of the facial image that is missing and can provide 2D and 3D models.