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DataWorks Plus offers several modules & product extensions to customize Digital PhotoManager to your agency's needs.



Rapid and reliable identification. Anywhere, anytime.


DataWorks Plus has developed a local fingerprint 1:1 verification and 1:N identification program called SAF-ID. This unique and versatile program allows officers in the field, at the booking station, the courthouse, or at the jail to scan in a person's fingerprint to provide positive ID on an individual. The fingerprint data that is stored on the NIST Archive is used to build an endless number of fingerprint searching applications. A very popular application is a jail entry/exit system. Quickly identify inmates prior to booking and provide positive ID of an inmate prior to release.

FACE Plus logoFACE Plus

Reliable identification through facial recognition technology.


DataWorks Plus’ Face Plus uses the very latest in facial recognition technology and is a module of Digital PhotoManager. Images can be checked at intake, release, movement, or at mobile data terminals for inmate verification. Images can also be checked against your Watchlist database to identify wanted individuals.

BandWorksBandWorks & Inmate Tracking

Location & headcount management using biometrics or armbands


The DataWorks Plus Inmate Armband System provides a flexible, high-quality inmate wristband for inmate tracking purposes that can be customized to best suit your agency’s needs. Any combination of text, images, bar codes, colors, and data can be produced on the armband to achieve the desired layout and design.

BadgeWorks ID CardsBadgeWorks ID Cards

Customized access control and identification for your facility


The Digital PhotoManager system supports PVC card printing for ID cards and also supports magnetic stripe, laminate, bar codes, smart chips, and proximity cards. ID cards are useful for employee and inmate identification and tracking. Some ID card options include smart cards, bar coding, signature pads, photo images, and more.

Tattoo PlusTattoo Plus

Tattoo Recognition


Tattoo Recognition is a module to Digital PhotoManager that will perform a search against an image you select and locate any similar tattoos that are currently in the system. This feature is similar to facial recognition, except that it looks for patterns that match in a tattoo.

Iris PlusIris Plus

Iris Capture and Matching


Iris Plus uses infrared iris scanners to capture high-resolution images of the iris. Iris recognition can prove to be more effective for identification and verification than fingerprint recognition. Iris images can contain 100 more reference points for comparison than a fingerprint.

Making an iris scan is as quick and easy as taking a picture. The iris capture process can be seamlessly integrated with your workflows and it takes less time to capture than fingerprints. Iris images are securely stored within the booking record, along with mugshots or fingerprints. The iris images can then be used for investigations, watchlists, identification at booking, and verification at release. The application could even be used for inmate tracking and headcounts.

Additional Modules & Features

  • Bar Coding
  • Signature Capture
  • Inmate Property Tracking
  • Inmate Visitor Tracking
  • Arrest Reports
  • Incident Reports
  • Soundex
  • Document Storage