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Capture, manage, search, and run reports for all of your mugshot data and images.


Digital PhotoManager is an investigative mugshot and booking records management system that is used to collect, protect, manage, store, search, and run reports for all of your mugshot data. Our high-resolution digital imaging not only meets, but exceeds all NIST recommendations.


Most of today’s criminal justice and law enforcement agencies that capture mugshots as part of a booking process use digital photography. After the photographs have been taken, an agency must decide what methodology to use and how to manage that data. Decisions concerning how the data is stored, how it should be shared between departments and other agencies, and what other systems to integrate with can be very tough decisions for an agency to make. In response to these concerns, DataWorks Plus has developed Digital PhotoManager.


System Features & Benefits

Image Capture: Digital PhotoManager can capture and manage mugshots, property images, SMTs (scars, marks, and tattoos), as well as any other images. Many agencies have mugshots that are not standardized because they rely upon the person capturing the photograph to capture and crop the image correctly. Digital PhotoManager provides live movement viewing on screen, allowing you to see the image you will capture. Once an image is captured, Face Find automatically crops the face to set the appropriate head size with no user intervention required. Quality metrics for the image are then displayed to the user. This ensures consistent quality and uniformity for all photographs taken.


Consistency in mugshot images is important for use with technology such as facial recognition and facial comparison and is also beneficial for use in the investigative process. Lineups created with consistent images will lead to more accurate witness viewing results since no images will stand out to the viewer due to differences in the images.


Lineups: Digital PhotoManager can be used to create simultaneous and sequential lineups for on screen witness viewing. Similar images can easily be found by performing a similar image search or by using facial recognition. Search results can be easily inserted by dragging and dropping the images into the lineup. Your system can be configured to not allow multiple images of an individual to a lineup as well as to randomize the images that are placed in the lineup.


Facial Comparison: Images can be selected from the database or uploaded from a file to perform one-to-one facial comparison. Facial Comparison compares two facial images and then provides the user a match score to show how likely it is that both pictures are of the same individual. Images for comparison can be edited to provide even more accurate results by marking the eye locations, cropping the images, correcting image brightness, and other basic image editing functions.


Tattoo Recognition: DataWorks Plus is one of the first to offer tattoo recognition with our Tattoo Plus Module for Digital PhotoManager. Tattoo Plus performs a search against an image you select and locates any similar tattoos that are currently in the system. This feature is similar to facial recognition, except that it looks for patterns that match in a tattoo. Users receive emails with the status of the search. Users can view any tattoos that have already been retrieved prior to the search being completed. All results will be displayed after the original image and arranged in order of highest to lowest match score. Tattoo Plus also includes a Tattoo Recognition Administration Module to allow system administrators to view the results and their match scores side-by-side with the probe image. It also provides an event log to aid in troubleshooting. Searches can be performed from the tattoo administration as well.


Security & Customization

Microsoft Windows, SQL Server, advanced user and group rights management, and additional Digital PhotoManager security features maintain the integrity of your database. DataWorks Plus can also clone your Digital PhotoManager database and utilize a SQL database to assure immediate, fault-tolerant, continuous operation through backup, sharing, and separation security.


The Digital PhotoManager Administration Module enables your administrators to maintain security access rights, customize the system’s screens and fields, and track user activity. Administrators can create and change screen layouts, add and hide data fields, edit codes to keep up to date with State and Federal standards, and configure many other system features and functions. This comprehensive level of screen and database customization within Digital PhotoManager allows your system to be configured to your agency’s specific needs both during and after installation, usually without any additional programming.


Digital PhotoManager gives your agency the ability to have multiple databases. Each database is given unique security settings in order to ensure that only users with security access are allowed to see a given database. Security settings can be customized for specific users and groups of users. Digital PhotoManager also includes activity tracking which allows administrators to track changes made to records, log user actions, and manage user and group activity in real time.


Web-Enabled for Agency Wide Access & Multi-Agency Collaboration

DataWorks Plus' Digital PhotoManager provides a web client called WebWorks that provides access to your system using industry-standard browsers. A web-based approach is particularly useful for allowing agency-wide and multi-agency access to the system. Authorized users can access data within Digital PhotoManager from desktop workstations, mobile units in patrol cars, smart phones, and PDA devices. Benefits of each of our Digital PhotoManager web applications are listed below:

  • WebWorks Plus’ provides full featured search, lineup, reporting, and printing capabilities. Users are generally in an investigative environment, such as detectives, and immediate access by multiple concurrent users is possible.
  • WebWorks Express is similar to WebWorks Plus, but without the lineup capability. This is generally used for a larger number of users. A version of this application can be applied for mobile patrol users that have specialized needs like large command buttons, keyboard friendly search, uncluttered, light featured, and designed to take mobile communications limits into consideration.
  • PocketWorks is designed to work with wireless PDA devices and smart phones. PocketWorks provides the ability to easily search and retrieve records from a PDA device. In addition, facial recognition can now be perfomed by submitting an image captured with a PDA or smart phone.

DataWorks Plus’ Digital PhotoManager system is the premier image storage and retrieval system on the market, setting a new standard in customization and utility to make it the ideal image management system for your agency.


System Conversion & Integration

DataWorks Plus can securely convert your existing data, images, and fields into your Digital PhotoManager database with ease. We have interfaced and converted numerous mugshot systems including Records Management Systems, Jail Management Systems, TFP Instant Image, X-Image, and other proprietary systems. Additionally, all of DataWorks Plus’ systems can be integrated with one another, such as:

  • Use Digital PhotoManager as the mugshot capture software for a LiveScan Plus fingerprinting station,
  • Integrate FACE Plus facial recognition for use with watchlists or facial comparison,
  • Integrate SAF-ID/RAPID-ID to locate individuals in the system just by scanning their fingerprint to reduce false identification.

The ability to integrate Digital PhotoManager with all of your other systems eliminates duplicated data entry and redundancy in your systems, giving your agency a fully integrated booking solution.



Screen Examples (Click on image to view):

Digital PhotoManager home screenDigital PhotoManager LineupDigital PhotoManager Record view