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Biometric Identification options that provide accurate identification and verification of individuals.


DataWorks Plus offers several options for biometric identification: iris, tattoo, voice, facial, and fingerprint. Biometric identification provides accurate identification and verification of individuals for booking and release, watch list, investigations, and inmate tracking.

Iris Capture and Matching

Iris Plus uses infrared iris scanners to capture high-resolution images of the iris. Iris recognition can prove to be more effective for identification and verification than fingerprint recognition. Iris images can contain 100 more reference points for comparison than a fingerprint.

Making an iris scan is as quick and easy as taking a picture. The iris capture process can be seamlessly integrated with your workflows and it takes less time to capture than fingerprints. Iris images are securely stored within the booking record, along with mugshots or fingerprints. The iris images can then be used for investigations, watch lists, identification at booking, and verification at release. The application could even be used for inmate tracking and headcounts.


Click on the images below to see examples of iris recognition in use.


Iris capture displayed in record with mugshot.Iris Capture Screen


Tattoo Plus

Tattoo Plus is a module to Digital PhotoManager that will perform a search against an image you select and locate any similar tattoos that are currently in the system. This feature is similar to facial recognition, except that it looks for patterns that match in a tattoo.


Screen Examples (Click on image to view):

Tattoo Recognition Administration ModuleTattoo recognition can find similar tattoos on multiple individuals, which can aid in identifying members in a group, such as a gang.Tattoo  Plus will display all images that are above the minimum match score for review.Tattoo images uploaded to Tattoo Plus will be submitted for a search against images that are currently in the database.


Voice Recognition

Similar to fingerprint, facial recognition, and iris, voice-prints have parameters that are unique to an individual. Adding the ability to identify who is speaking, regardless of content or language, can be a powerful investigative tool. A voice recognition database can be built by capturing a voice-print from individuals during the booking process. The voice-print is added to the booking record and can be used for verification during release. Voice recognition can also be used for watch list applications to notify investigators if anyone is booked that matches a voice-print they have collected during an investigation.


Facial Recognition & Case Management

FACE Plus allows you to positively match photos of an individual by identifying key characteristics of the facial image. The system can be added as a module to our Digital PhotoManager or SAF-ID solutions. With FACE Plus you will be able to search against any size database to identify an individual regardless of factors such as hair color, glasses, and image background. FACE Plus can also be used on

mobile devices with camera functionality, such as smart phones. A facial image can be captured to and used to query an agency's database for positive matches.


DataWorks Plus’ Case Management system enables your agency to easily manage facial recognition searches. Case Management lets your staff perform and save advanced facial recognition searches using multiple probe images and advanced image tools. Facial recognition searches can be improved using automatic pose correction which attempts to reconstruct the part of the facial image that is missing.


Case Management also allows you to perform a search using multiple search engines. Gallery results can be viewed beside each corresponding probe image or in a combined results list. Possible matches can be marked for later review and several report options are available based upon your facial recognition search. Case Management also includes advanced comparison features for easy comparison between the probe images and gallery images.


Learn more on the FACE Plus webpage.


Screen Examples (Click on image to view):

FACE Plus facial recognition results These results are all of the same individual, all from different arrests. FACE Plus uses facial templates to find matches to existing facial images in your database. Weight, facial hair, hair color, age, and other factors that can make people look different will not generally effect the results. Facial composites, whether they are hand-drawn or created with Facial Composite software, can be used with FACE Plus.


Fingerprint Identification

DataWorks Plus offers several forms of fingerprint identification including desktop solutions as well as mobile fingerprint devices.


LiveScan Plus stationLiveScan Plus is a fully customizable integrated booking system that is compatible with many live scan vendors’ fingerprinting hardware. The system integrates all elements of booking from demographic data entry, fingerprint capture and submission, SMT data and images, signature capture, and mugshot capture into a single easy-to-use interface. Once all booking data has been obtained, the data is automatically saved to all relevant databases which can include a state AFIS, a regional data repository, or your agency’s own record management systems through DataWorks Plus’ interfacing services.


Once the fingerprints are captured, NIST Manager Plus stores the fingerprint records in a secure electronic format. Fingerprint records are then available to authorized users from any workstation on your network.


Once your agency has invested in an electronic fingerprint database, that database can serve as very powerful identification verification tool. SAF-ID uses the databases built by LiveScan Plus and NIST Manager Plus. It is an extremely fast and accurate software solution that uses advanced fingerprint matching techniques to provide positive identification or verification of an individual. Workstation and mobile applications are available for SAF-ID.


Evolution: Evolution is DataWorks Plus' own branded mobile fingerprint scanner that is a lightweight, industrial mobile fingerprint solution that can withstand daily use by Police while at the same time providing fast responses while in the field. Evolution is a FAP 30 FBI certified fingerprint device that works over WiFi, Verizon or AT&T celllular networks so you can always be connected and have a rapid fingerprint identification response.


Learn more about fingerprint identification on the following product webpages: