Biometric Identification

DataWorks Plus offers Biometric Identification options that provide accurate identification and verification of individuals for booking and release, watch list investigations, and inmate tracking. These options include iris, tattoo, facial, and fingerprint.

Iris Recognition

Iris recognition systems are quickly emerging as a highly accurate and reliable tool for biometric identification. Capture technology has become more sophisticated and cost effective. Iris images can contain 100 more reference points for comparison than a fingerprint. DataWorks Plus IR uses iris scanners to capture high-resolution images of the iris. Making an iris scan is as quick and easy as taking a picture. The iris capture process can be seamlessly integrated with your workflows and it takes less time to capture than fingerprints. Iris images are securely stored within the booking record, along with mugshots or fingerprints. The iris images can then be used for investigations, watch lists, identification at booking, and verification at release. The application could even be used for inmate tracking and headcounts.

The DataWorks Plus Iris Recognition will continue to evolve as new technology is created. You will have flexibility when selecting an iris capture device to best fit your agency's workflow and budget.

Tattoo Recognition

DataWorks Plus Tattoo Recognition is a module to PhotoManager Image System that will perform a search against an image you select and locate any similar tattoos that are currently in the system. This feature is similar to facial recognition, except that it looks for patterns that match in a tattoo. Agencies are currently using DataWorks Plus Tattoo Recognition to identify individuals that have previously been arrested as well as determine if a particular tattoo may be connected to a gang.

Once a probe tattoo image is uploaded, a description can be entered for the search, which allows easy retrieval of the session at a later time. The probe image will be displayed next to the results to quickly compare them. Retrieved images can be zoomed in to verify matching. Images can be marked as matches or for later review. Record information associated with the tattoo image can be viewed within the module, as well as any additional linked images, such as other tattoos or mugshot images.

Facial Recognition & Case Management

DataWorks Plus FR (Facial Recognition) uses the latest facial matching technology to provide accurate, reliable facial candidates with advanced comparison, editing, and morphological analysis tools for investigations. The system can be added as a module to our PhotoManager Image System or Evolution solutions and can also include facial comparison case management. With DataWorks Plus FR, you will be able to conduct one-to-one or one-to-many searches against any size database, then display photos and data when potential candidates are found.

DataWorks Plus FR is scalable so that results can be obtained within seconds, even with a database of millions of images. The system can be customized to meet the configuration of any size agency.

The DataWorks Plus CM (Case Management) module enables your agency to easily manage and save multiple facial recognition searches. The searches will be stored in sessions, which can contain multiple probe images used to perform searches. DataWorks Plus CM prevents having to recreate the facial recognition searches to retrieve updated results. Probe images can be edited using pose correction, light normalization, rotation, cropping, brightness, and marking exact eye locations for more accurate facial matching.

Fingerprint Identification

DataWorks Plus offers several forms of fingerprint identification including desktop solutions as well as mobile fingerprint devices.