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More than just your standard wristband


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High-quality customizable inmate wristbands.


The DataWorks Plus BandWorks System provides a flexible, high quality inmate wristband that can be customized for your facility. By integrating BadgeWorks with DataWorks Plus’ Digital PhotoManager, any record information captured during the booking process can be automatically printed into your agency’s custom wristband template. Wristbands can be used for inmate identification and tracking and can include data, images, or even barcodes. BandWorks wristband templates can display any combination of:

  • Text
  • Mugshot images
  • Color-code classification based on risk level / health issues
  • Barcodes


The wristbands are designed to stand up to the most adverse conditions and have a tensile strength of 8,000-10,000 psi to protect against stretching and tearing. This means they are nearly impossible for inmates to remove on their own, and the wristbands themselves will show signs of tampering if the inmate tries especially hard. In most cases, inmates can wear their wristband for up to two years before it will need to be replaced. This can result in a cost savings for your agency over traditional thin plastic or paper wristbands that need to be replaced often. It also reduces the opportunity for inmates to trade wristbands since they cannot be easily removed.


Integration with Inmate Tracking

DataWorks Plus’ BandWorks system integrates easily and effectively with DataWorks Plus's Inmate Tracking system. The Inmate Tracking system uses barcode scanners which are used to scan the unique barcodes on each inmate’s wristband. This allows your facility to monitor and regulate inmates’ movements around a facility via barcode scanners. The barcodes can also reflect an inmate’s risk level, health issues, or even “separate and apart” data. Any relevant information regarding the inmate is immediately displayed to the staff.


System Components:

  • Wristbands
  • Laminator machine
  • Hand-held stainless-steel rivet tool for securing wristbands
  • A trim, die, and hole-punch machine
  • Wristband photo die cutter

A case of wristbands includes:

  • Laminating sleeves
  • 1000 vinyl wristbands
  • Washers and rivets for securing permanently around detainee wrists


Laminator Machine

BandWorks Laminator MachineThe system includes a vinyl-clad steel covered laminator machine with molded plastic side covers. This machine is used to permanently affix the information desired on the wristband to the wristbands themselves via lamination.

Rivet Tool

BandWorks Rivet ToolA heavy-duty plier-like riveting tool made of die-cast stainless steel is included with the system. This tool is used for fastening the wristbands with the included washers and rivets. The rivet tool fastens the wristbands securely and permanently.

Trim, Die & Hole Punch Machine

BandWorks Trim, Die & Hole Punch MachineSmoothly cut edges of wristbands in a uniform manner. The user feeds the laminated wristband through a slot to the desired length. A pull-down handle operates the cutting machine, and the excess material is discarded easily. This provides a crisp and comfortable edge to the material, and gives the ability to alter the size of the wristband to fit any individual.

Wristband Photo Die Cutter

BandWorks Wristband Photo Die CutterThis machine is used to size and cut the images which will be applied to the wristbands via the laminator. A manual pull-down handle operates the internal gears.