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Customized access control and identification for your facility


BadgeWorks is a customizable photo identification card and badge system used for identification and access control for secure facilities that supports magnetic stripe, laminate, bar codes, smart chips, and proximity cards. BadgeWorks can be used as a stand-alone solution or as a module to Digital PhotoManager to print data and images from the system onto ID Cards.

A few ways your agency might utilize BadgeWorks are:

  • Custom photo ID cards
  • Security ID badges
  • Proximity cards and RFID
  • Identification cards for inmate work staff
  • Inmate ID cards that can be linked with DataWorks Plus’ Inmate Tracking system, or other inmate monitoring system
  • Temporary ID cards / visitor cards
  • Pistol or weapon permit cards
  • Licenses
  • Evidence tracking
  • Access control
  • Court attendance

The BadgeWorks system can store all data for the ID cards in a database for easy retrieval. This allows for quick and easy card updates or replacement. Cards can simply be re-printed from the system, with no need to re-enter any data or re-capture any images.

BadgeWorks ID cards can be one-sided or two-sided, “contact” or “contact-less” smart cards, proximity cards, magnetic stripe cards, specialty cards, or plain cards. Information and graphics such as barcodes, signatures, logos, high-resolution digital photographs, text, holographic patterns/watermarks, fingerprints (biometrics), and more can be included on the cards’ layout, which is customizable according to your agency’s specific needs.


DataWorks Plus offers the BadgeWorks system with Fargo, Zebra (formerly Eltron), and DataCard printers. All series and features of these printers are supported and produce high-quality and durable ID cards and badges.


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