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About Us

A leader in law enforcement & criminal justice technology


DataWorks Plus has been providing a wide-range of technology solutions for law enforcement, criminal justice, and government agencies since 2000.  Our product offering includes solutions for:

  • mugshot and criminal booking management,
  • live scan management software,
  • multimodal biometric technology for identification and verification (fingerprint, iris, facial),
  • facial recognition case management,
  • inmate tracking,
  • information management,
  • crime scene digital asset and photographic management, and
  • mobile applications including identity verification.

We provide solutions to more than 1,000 agencies, both large and small, in North America. We have also implemented a countrywide/nationwide application in New Zealand. Our headquarters are located in Greenville, SC, with satellite sales offices located in California, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. Service offices are located in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, California and Colorado. Due to the sensitive nature of the solutions we provide, our employees have passed comprehensive background checks and security training.


DataWorks Plus specializes in system integration and we have formed partnerships that allow us to offer a wide variety of options for our customers. This is especially true with live scans and mobile fingerprint scanners. With our technology solutions, agencies have the option to choose the best devices that meet their needs.  This desire to provide customized applications was one of the main purposes behind the development of the DataWorks Plus User Group: InterConnect. InterConnect Conferences have allowed DataWorks Plus to connect with our customers and learn how we can continue to develop customizable technology solutions that meet their needs today and into the future.


DataWorks Plus’ goal is to continually develop and customize the latest technology to provide innovative technology solutions for our customers.  We also strive to provide the best customer service in the industry.  Our 24/7 support staff is available via online ticket submittal or toll-free number. We also coordinate with agency help desks to quickly respond to any issues that may occur.  

If you are interested in learning more about what DataWorks Plus’ solutions can do for your agency, contact or call us at 866-632-2780. For additional contact information for DataWorks Plus, please view our Contact Page.