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The Power of Digital Mugshots

Digital photography has become the industry standard for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies nationwide. Mugshots previously captured on 35mm film and filed in cabinets are now captured through mugshot management software and stored in a computer database. The ability to access mugshots electronically presents many benefits when conducting investigations, checking someone’s past booking records and criminal history, or verifying the identity of a detainee by a field officer from mobile locations. The more information an agency has access to, the greater that agency can cut costs, increase productivity, and provide public safety.


Why Use the iMUG Repository?

By using digital technology, mugshots can be shared between agencies regionally, statewide, or nationally. Unfortunately, many agencies cannot realize the benefits of using a mugshot repository due to financial reasons, or technically impossible due to the disparate data configuration of the agencies involved. DataWorks Plus has created the iMUG solution so that any agency, regardless of its size or configuration, can securely and affordably view and contribute to an integrated national mugshot repository.

DataWorks Plus is the first to offer a National Mugshot Image Sharing System. With iMUG, agencies can search view images and data from a database of mugshot photos from participating law enforcement and criminal justice agencies nationwide. The iMUG database contains more than 6 million images and is constantly growing.


How iMUG Works

iMUG interfaces with DataWorks Plus’ Digital PhotoManager, an investigative mugshot management system as well as WebWorks, the web-based version of Digital PhotoManager. Our customers use their existing WebWorks clients to connect to the iMUG server using the same concurrency licensing they purchased for WebWorks. When using a WebWorks Client, the user can simply select the iMUG database. iMUG stores a master agency/user table. The web-based administrative module lets administrators allow or prevent access to selected users. A user may log in by username, password, and ORI number. This ensures that authorized users are only allowed to view the images or types of images they have been given access to by administrators.


Site and Image Security

DataWorks Plus has taken great care in creating a secure facility for the housing of your images. As a service provider to law enforcement, we provide a safe haven for our national mugshot repository and your mugshot photos with:

  • Highly secure access
  • 24 hour on-premise video surveillance
  • A Server Farm for fault tolerance and data protection
  • The use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and/or client Certificates
  • An audit trail of users
  • All employees in contact with the iMUG server are submitted to and pass federal background checks

Rules of Operation

  • Upload all new and existing images to the iMUG Server on a periodic interval, not to exceed five (5) days (for clients with image capture capabilities).
  • Provide, if necessary, VPN and communication equipment. This equipment will be the property of the client.
  • Be identified by an NCIC ORI number.
  • Images and data submitted to the iMUG server will become the property of DataWorks Plus. However, should an agency choose to retract from participation in the iMUG system they may request that DataWorks Plus remove the images and data that the agency has contributed. This notice must be given in writing to DataWorks Plus, who will then remove the client's images and data from the iMUG system within 45 days.

iMUG is only available for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, and agencies will have strict control over what images they are willing to contribute to the system. No private agencies will have access to the data or images. DataWorks Plus will not sell information or data to any 3rd party.


Screen Examples (Click on image to view):

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